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Memoirist Jacki Ferro believes in the power of honest, well-researched and confronting life stories to both entertain and educate—raw memoirs that inspire personal growth and social change.

Raw Voices. Bold Lives.

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Whether you’d like an Express Memoir or a more in-depth life story, I can ensure that your manuscript is edited to a professional and artful standard, ready for publishing. As your co-author or editor, I will collaborate with you to shape a memoir that moves and inspires.

I aim to:

  • listen to your story and collaborate with you, remaining respectful of your unique, raw voice
  • research through FOI, books, policies, news articles, government records, interviews
  • improve dramatic structure
  • polish grammar
  • explore cultures and countries
  • create engaging characters and dynamic dialogue
  • develop your themes
  • unravel the truth, and
  • find the transformative lesson

As a trained and experienced writing and editing professional, I also provide comprehensive structural editing, copy editing, and manuscript appraisals quickly and at prices that suit individual needs.

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If you have a bold life worth sharing, please contact me.


If you need assistance writing your memoir, we highly recommend you get in touch with Jacki Ferro. Jacki is an experienced editor and an absolute pleasure to work with. Above all, she is exceptionally passionate about what she does and treats each manuscript with care. The result is always a polished, engaging story that is true to the author’s voice. InHouse Publishing, Brisbane, November 2019
You could not find a more accommodating editor to work with. Jacki has a sweet and caring nature, but is unafraid to suggest minor alterations to tone of voice or direction of history angle. I enjoyed my experience with her, and recommend you give Raw Memoirs a try. Giddy Nielsen-Sweep, author, Woodheap & West Wind, July 2019
My book for new mums and dads is truly something special. Thank you for working with me and making it such a positive, inspirational journey! Megan de Gee, author, Motherhood in the Raw: What NOT to Expect When You’re Expecting, April 2019
If you have a raw, powerful story that needs to be told with empathy and honesty, then you're in the right place. Raw Memoirs founder and editor Jacki Ferro is sensational. Juliette Power, author, Juliette’s Angel: Death Desire Destiny, May 2017

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Raw Memoirs co-written or edited by Jacki Ferro

Juliette's Angel Bookcover

Available Now

By Juliette Power
Edited by Jacki Ferro

Decades after her pregnant mother’s suicide, a naive Australian runaway finally faces her grief on Everest. Led into the Valley of Death by her stoic Sherpa guide, she questions her mother’s fate, her own sanity, and her angel.

As a child, I knew three things for sure:
I had an angel
I loved my family
My mother was about to die.

Defined by Death. Driven by Desire. Drawn to Destiny. A mystical journey powered by grief and blind faith: Juliette’s Angel


“The Himalayas are a truly inspirational place…and it has proven so for Juliette. Juliette’s story shows us how a magical place in the world can lead to far bigger things in life.”

George Hillary, grandson of Sir Edmund Hillary, Review on Juliette’s Angel, 2017

Alice's Daughter Bookcover

Available Now Buy Alice's Daughter on Amazon

By Rhonda Collard-Spratt with Jacki Ferro
Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press

In 1954, aged three, Rhonda was taken from her Aboriginal family and placed on Carnarvon Native Mission, Western Australia. Here she grew up in the white world of chores and aprons, religious teachings and cruel beatings.

They taught me well. I could speak their language. I wore their clothes. I read their Bible. I sang their hymns. But in my heart, I resented them for trying to make me white. It was like being dropped headfirst into a tin of white paint. The real me was still there. They couldn’t wash away sixty thousand years of Dreaming and history that tie me


“A powerful message of reconciliation and a positive step towards a healthy nation”

Elaine Fry, The West Australian, May 2017

“Rhonda’s story should be compulsory reading in high schools…funny, poignant and honest, without feeling overtly political”

Kathryn Powley, Herald Sun, May 2017