Assorted Express Memoirs

Express Memoirs

For a set of Express Memoirs, prices start from $1,899 for 20 paperbacks (152x 228mm). This price covers all interviews, writing of your memoir, editing through email liaison with the subject or a nominated contact, inserting up to 40 scanned photos with personalised captions filling 16 pages, writing a unique back cover blurb summarising the memoir, book cover and content design and layout, printing, and delivery within Brisbane.

Optional extras: larger format, coffee-table books (195 x 260mm), hard cover books, books longer than 50 pages, print-runs of more than 20 books, delivery outside of Brisbane, and scanning of original photos incur additional costs.

Happy Express Memoir Co-writers

Co-writing Memoirs

If your manuscript is under development, or perhaps you have a fabulous life story to tell but are having trouble putting pen to paper, I will work with you, for 5hrs p/week at $60p/hr, co-writing and editing your story, liaising via both video call and emails, until we produce an artful and professional memoir ready to publish.

Manuscript Appraisals

Manuscript Appraisals cost $70p/hr at a rate of 6,000 words p/hr.


For editing, the cost of your job depends on a) your wordcount, b) whether it is fiction or nonfiction, and c) the level of editing required. Please note that the following prices are a guide only.

Structural or copy edits cost $60/hr at an average rate of 2,500 words p/hr. Included in this price is a Notes for the Author document that highlights your most common or significant structural or copy edit issues, and summarises the major changes made to your manuscript and why. I can provide a ‘sample copy edit’ of a chapter or two, before you commit to editing your entire manuscript.

Please Contact me for a quote, stating

  • which co-writing or editing service you require
  • the genre of your book
  • the word length

If you are unsure what you need, please contact me to discuss further. I'll ask you to provide a sample of your writing, and will assess the work your manuscript needs, providing a FREE estimate of price and duration.