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Print your life story into a beautiful book

Express Memoirs makes it easy for you to publish your memories into a book
that your loved ones will treasure forever

What’s your story?

Express Memoirs helps you create a short, quick, quality book providing great insight into you or your loved one’s childhood, achievements, memories and personality

  • 101 questions to choose from
  • Interview your parent, grandparent or yourself!
  • Answers gathered in person* or by video call
  • The perfect gift for that special 70, 80, 90, or 100-year-old in your life

Receive a set of personalised Express Memoirs in Q&A format for friends and family to keep
* In person interviews in Brisbane only

What To Expect 5 Simple Steps

  • Teresa with Grandkids
  • 2 Size Memoirs Books to Choose From
  • Grandchild reading memoir
  • Two page spread of memoir
  • Wedding page in Memoir
  • Contents Page from Memoir
  • Paulette with memoir book
  • Grandad Fishing Memoir
  • Memoir Book Covers
  • Marta Samal Memoir
  • Kevin 'Dasher' Dean OAM


If you need assistance writing your memoir, we highly recommend you get in touch with Jacki Ferro. Jacki is an experienced editor and an absolute pleasure to work with. Above all, she is exceptionally passionate about what she does and treats each manuscript with care. The result is always a polished, engaging story that is true to the author’s voice. InHouse Publishing, Brisbane, November 2019
It's a great concept. Express Memoirs made it fun, easy, and affordable to print my life story into a beautiful book. Teresa, Brisbane
I think Jacki is very nice and I love her company. I loved the questions, and I love the books that she has produced for me. Paulette Briec

What to expect

Happy Express Memoir Customer
  • Your choice of 10, 20, 30 or 50 hardcover or paperback copies of your Express Memoir, 40-50 pages long, including up to 16 colour pages of photographs
  • Two sizes of books to choose from: US trade size (152 x 228mm), or the larger, impressive, coffee table format (195 x 260mm)
  • Your choice of book title and subtitle
  • A unique back cover blurb that summarises your memoir
  • A speedy process, requiring little effort or computer know-how from you
  • A high-quality, professionally edited, and beautifully designed book that captures the essence of you or your loved one, in their own words
  • Optional extras: Scanning of photos and documents, National Library of Australia registration (ISBN), more pages, more books, and delivery outside of Brisbane
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The Perfect Gift

An Express Memoir is the perfect gift for special birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations
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5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Choose Your Package
Choose the format, size, and number of your books
Step 2: Interviews
Jacki interviews you or your loved one by video call at home
Step 3: Add Your Photos
You provide your most precious scanned photos
Step 4: Professional Edit and Design
Jacki edits your interviews, emailing you to finalise content and design
Step 5: Printing and Delivery
We print 10-50 hardcover or paperback copies of your Express Memoir and deliver them to your door

Express Memoirs involve three video call interviews of up to 101 questions. Add your most precious photos, and we'll then edit, design, and ship your unique set of life stories to you.

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